Volume 10, Number 1
November 2014

Special Issue “Second-order Science”, edited by Alexander Riegler & Karl H. Müller

Cover Art: “Dynamic Still Il” © Ricardo Chávez-Méndez, 2009 · Original Oil on Canvas 30 x 24''

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A New Course of Action

Karl H. Müller & Alexander Riegler


Second-Order Science: A Vast and Largely Unexplored Science Frontier

Karl H. Müller & Alexander Riegler

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Second-Order Science: Logic, Strategies, Methods

Stuart A. Umpleby

Open Peer Commentaries

Do We Need a Second-Order Science?

Mark Amadeus Notturno

New Challenges to New Science

Jason Jixuan Hu

Science Is not Value-free

John Stewart

Second-Order Science, Unity of Science and Methods of Research

Bernd R. Hornung

Observer Effects in Research

Mary Catherine Bateson

Second-Order Observation in Social Science: Autopoietic Foundations

Eva Buchinger

Do We also Need Second-order Mathematics?

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Second-Order Science is Enacted Constructivism

Michael R. Lissack

The Promise and Prospects of Second-Order Science

David Rousseau

Author’s Response: Identifying a Philosophy and Methods for Second-Order Science

Stuart A. Umpleby

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

The Circular Conditions of Second-order Science Sporadically Illustrated with Agent-based Experiments at the Roots of Observation

Manfred Füllsack

Open Peer Commentaries

Circularity and Distinction

Louis H. Kauffman

Systemic-internal and Theoretical Views on Second-Order Observations

Edmundo Balsemão Pires

Entropy as a Resource for Double Contingency

Florian Grote

On the Clarification of System Levels

Rainer E. Zimmermann

Author’s Response: Verbal Limitations of Observer-inclusion

Manfred Füllsack

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Second-Order Science of Interdisciplinary Research: A Polyocular Framework for Wicked Problems

Hugo F. Alrøe & Egon Noe

Open Peer Commentaries

Seeking Common Ground on the Nature of Interdisciplinarity

Rick Szostak

Beyond a “Levels View” of Science

Werner Callebaut

Ascending to the Second-Order: An Alternative Systems Take on Wicked Problems

Steve Fuller

What is “Science”? For What Do We Need a “Polyocular Framework”?

Michael H. G. Hoffmann

What Kind of Autopoietic System, If Any, Can a Perspective Actually Be?

Robert Drury King

Authors’ Response: A Perspectivist View on the Perspectivist View of Interdisciplinary Science

Hugo F. Alrøe & Egon Noe

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

The Uroboros of Consciousness: Between the Naturalisation of Phenomenology and the Phenomenologisation of Nature

Sebastjan Vörös

Open Peer Commentaries

Putting Phenomenology to Work “Seriously”- Deep Brain Stimulation and Mental Disorders

Anna Ciaunica

The Small Change of Non-idealistic Correlationism

Peter Gaitsch

Cognitive Science and Phenomenology: A Step Towards the Epistemic Ensō

Camila Valenzuela-Moguillansky

The Enkinaesthetic Betwixt

Susan A. J. Stuart

Author’s Response: Of Roses, Serpents, and Circles: Fleshing out the Bones of Contention

Sebastjan Vörös

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

On Climate Change Research, the Crisis of Science and Second-order Science

Philipp Aufenvenne, Heike Egner & Kirsten von Elverfeldt

Open Peer Commentaries

Doing Second-Order R&D

Ray Ison

On Detection and Attribution

Hans von Storch

First Aid for Climate Research with Second-order Science

Werner Krauß

The Social and Political Context of Science

Stuart A. Umpleby

Authors’ Response: Communicating Second-Order Science

Philipp Aufenvenne, Heike Egner & Kirsten von Elverfeldt

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Do the Media Fail to Represent Reality? A Constructivist and Second-order Critique of the Research on Environmental Media Coverage and Its Normative Implications

Julia Völker & Armin Scholl

Open Peer Commentaries

Communication and Media Studies in Crisis

Raivo Palmaru

Why We Need a Pragmatic View on Reality and the Media

Marcus Maurer

Beyond Criticizing Objectivism: Three Pragmatic Considerations

Sven Engesser

Do the Media Fail to Represent Reality? It Depends

Martin R. Herbers

Authors’ Response: Pragmatism and Epistemology

Julia Völker & Armin Scholl


Publication Review. Recent Books and Articles Related to Constructivist Approaches