Volume 10 · Number 1 · Pages 112–119
Author’s Response: Of Roses, Serpents, and Circles: Fleshing out the Bones of Contention

Sebastjan Vörös

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Upshot: Following a brief reflection on some terminological issues, I discuss the question of the (ir)rationality of non-dualism, the two aspects of the conceptual dimension of phenomenologisation, and the potential of meditative/contemplative practices in cultivating its experiential/existential dimension. Also, I (re)emphasise that the two-pronged project of phenomenologisation is closely associated with the establishment of second-order science, and purport to show why it might be an important addition to, and elaboration of, the overarching attempt to think and live the fundamental circularity between subject and object.


Vörös S. (2014) Author’s response: Of roses, serpents, and circles: Fleshing out the bones of contention. Constructivist Foundations 10(1): 112–119. http://constructivist.info/10/1/112

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