Volume 10 · Number 2 · Pages 274–276
A Dynamic Expedition through the Affective Landscape. Review of The Feeling Body: Affective Science meets the Enactive Mind by Giovanna Colombetti

Mog Stapleton

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Upshot: Colombetti’s book is a contribution to the literature of at least three intellectual communities within philosophy and the cognitive sciences: affective science, embodiment, and enactivism. Despite the emphasis on embodiment over the past ten to fifteen years, and the resurgence of interest in emotion in the mid-to-late twentieth century, affect nevertheless remains underrepresented in the philosophy of mind and cognition, even in the embodiment and enactive communities. In her book, Colombetti helps to close this gap in the literature.


Stapleton M. (2015) A dynamic expedition through the affective landscape. Review of the feeling body: Affective science meets the enactive mind by giovanna colombetti. Constructivist Foundations 10(2): 274–276. http://constructivist.info/10/2/274

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