Volume 11, Number 1
November 2015

Special Issue “Composing Conferences”, edited by Michael Hohl & Ben Sweeting

Cover Art: “Cicatrices” © Nicolas Tomaro, 2012 · Acrylic painting digitally reworked, 55 x 46cm

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Exploring Alternatives to the Traditional Conference Format: Introduction to the Special Issue on Composing Conferences

Ben Sweeting & Michael Hohl

Target Article – Constructivism

Developing a Dialogical Platform for Disseminating Research through Design

Abigail C. Durrant, John Vines, Jayne Wallace & Joyce Yee

Open Peer Commentaries

Disseminating Research through Design - Challenges and Opportunities Learned

Carl DiSalvo

Nurturing an Environment for Practice-Led Research: Reflections on RTD2015

Liz Edwards

Matching Methodology to Conference Content: The Assemblage Network Potential for Research Through Design Conferences

Jane Norris

Research through Design as a Discursive Dissemination Platform

Nithikul Nimkulrat

The RTD Community and the Big Picture

Jonas Löwgren

The Making of a Conference

Peter Lloyd

Platform and Habit of Inquiry

Rosan Chow

Research Through Design Is More than Just a New Form of Disseminating Design Outcomes

Wolfgang Jonas

Striking a Balance: Openness in Research Through Design

Amy Twigger Holroyd

Authors’ Response: Balancing Openness and Structure in Conference Design to Support a Burgeoning Research Community

Abigail C. Durrant, John Vines, Jayne Wallace & Joyce Yee

Target Article – Constructivism

The Banathy Conversation Methodology

Gordon Dyer, Jed Jones, Gordon Rowland & Silvia Zweifel

Open Peer Commentaries

Reflecting on the Impact of the Banathy Conversation Methodology in My Professional Practice

Kathia Castro Laszlo

A Constructivist Perspective on Banathy’s Conversation Methodology

Gary S. Metcalf

Conversations Communities in Context: A Retrospective Prospective

Alexander Laszlo

A Comparison of Two Closely Related Methodologies

Ken Bausch

Conversation vs. Communication: A Suggestion for “the Banathy Conversation Methodology”

Laurence D. Richards

Authors’ Response: Conversation Never Ends

Gordon Dyer, Jed Jones, Gordon Rowland & Silvia Zweifel

Target Article – Second-Order Cybernetics

Designing Academic Conferences in the Light of Second-Order Cybernetics

Laurence D. Richards

Open Peer Commentaries

Can Conversations be Designed?

Christiane M. Herr

Embed and Unzip: Entailment Structures as a Knowledge Building Tool for Academic Conferences

Tom Scholte

Nurturing Conversation through Innovative Conference Design

Paul C. Schroeder

Cybernetics, Conversation and Consensus: Designing Academic Conferences

Judith Lombardi

Avoiding Violence by Design

Andrew O. Brightman

Desires, Constraints and Designing Second-Order Cybernetic Conferences

Michael Hohl

The Tensions between Second-Order Cybernetics and Traditional Academic Conferences

David Griffiths & Philip Baron

Connections of Conversation-Based Conferences to the Foundations of Radical Constructivism

Robert J. Martin

Proposing a Fictional Conference Day Using Larry Richards’s Cybernetic Design Principles

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Author’s Response: Design for Participation: Culture, Structure, Facilitation

Laurence D. Richards

Target Article – Constructivism

Designing Academic Conferences as a Learning Environment: How to Stimulate Active Learning at Academic Conferences?

Johan Verbeke

Open Peer Commentaries

What a Conference Can Do

Christoph Brunner

Timeframework, Diversity and Etiquette: Fostering Collective Knowledge Creation in Conferences through Design and Practice

Eric Guibert

Afterthoughts on the Sensuous Knowledge Conferences

Søren Kjørup

The Design Conference Model and Its Learning Environment: A Construction Site

Mira Sanders

Author’s Response: Four Layers for Designing Conferences as Learning Environments: Space, Time, Communities of Practice and Trust

Johan Verbeke

Regular Section

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Religion:  A Radical-Constructivist Perspective

Andreas Quale

Open Peer Commentaries

The Interesting Similarity of Religious and Everyday Epistemic Positions

Urban Kordeš

The Cognition of Religion: Radical-Constructivist Considerations

Thomas McCloughlin

Can a Radical Constructivist Be Religious? - Yes!

Leslie P. Steffe

Dubious Dichotomies and Mysterious Mysticisms

Sebastjan Vörös

Issues in Relation to Learning About Religion

Hugh Gash

Why I Am a Constructivist Atheist (in a Meaningful Way)

Jean Paul Van Bendegem

Author’s Response: Is God a Radical Constructivist?

Andreas Quale

Target Article – Constructivism

Towards a PL-Metaphysics of Perception: In Search of the Metaphysical Roots of Constructivism

Konrad Werner

Open Peer Commentaries

Do We Need a Metaphysics of Perception?

Peter Gaitsch

Do We Need a Metaphysics for Perception? Some Enactive, Phenomenological Reservations

Matt Bower

A Mess of the Grounding Role of Metaphysics

Adriana Schetz

Towards a Metaphysics for Constructivist Thought

Spyridon A. Koutroufinis

Reconciling Constructivism with Realism: How Far Non-dualism Should Be Followed

Istvan Danka

Opening Spatial Preunderstandings at the Roots of Constructivism

Paul Downes

Transcendentalism Guarding Constructivism: The PL-Metaphysics of Hegel and Naturalists

Diana Gasparyan

Author’s Response: Subjects, Worlds and (PL-) Metaphysics - What Is It All about?

Konrad Werner


Science As Child’s Play. Review of Models as Make-Believe by Adam Toon

Jacek Olender

Complexity, Power, Intuition: Unearthing the Affective Ground of Economic Structures. Review of The Power at the End of the Economy by Brian Massumi

Hannah Richter