Volume 11 · Number 1 · Pages 186–188
Complexity, Power, Intuition: Unearthing the Affective Ground of Economic Structures. Review of The Power at the End of the Economy by Brian Massumi

Hannah Richter

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Upshot: Massumi innovatively interlinks poststructuralist theory with ideas from cognitive psychology and Luhmann’s systems theory to deconstruct rational choice as the founding myth of the liberal economy. His politically charged constructivism explores socio-economic reproduction as a process of constant re-stabilization between the openness of affective response and the closure of rationality. Defying social determination, Massumi shows how affect can constitute a source of potential change when modulated trans-individually in response to political events.


Richter H. (2015) Complexity, power, intuition: Unearthing the affective ground of economic structures. Review of the power at the end of the economy by brian massumi. Constructivist Foundations 11(1): 186–188. http://constructivist.info/11/1/186

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