Volume 11, Number 2
March 2016

Special Issue “Exploring the Diversity within Enactivism and Neurophenomenology”, edited by Tom Froese, Sebastjan Vörös & Alexander Riegler

Cover Art: “Sans titre” © Melle, 2016, Mixed technique, 30 x 40cm

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Epistemological Odyssey: Introduction to Special Issue on the Diversity of Enactivism and Neurophenomenology

Sebastjan Vörös, Tom Froese & Alexander Riegler

Target Article – Enactivism

Lived Experience and Cognitive Science Reappraising Enactivism’s Jonasian Turn

Mario Villalobos & Dave Ward

Open Peer Commentaries

Confusion of Reflective Domains?

Humberto R. Maturana

Can the Lived Experience of Living Beings Be Approached through Inference?

Shigeru Taguchi

Sweeping Anthropomorphism Under the MAT

Paulo De Jesus

Is Intentionality Banned from Sciences of the Living Being?

Jean-Luc Petit

Modern Anthropomorphism and Phenomenological Method

Peter Gaitsch

Varela’s Sixth Step: Teleology and the Re-Visioning of Science

Steve Torrance

Phenomenological Teleology and Human Interactivity

Rasmus Gahrn-Andersen & Matthew Isaac Harvey

Living (in) Different Enactivist Worlds: A Mathematics Education Researcher’s Point of View on Enactivism

Jérôme Proulx

Authors’ Response: Enactivism, Cognitive Science, and the Jonasian Inference

Dave Ward & Mario Villalobos

Target Article – Enactivism

Interactivity and Enaction in Human Cognition

Matthew Isaac Harvey, Rasmus Gahrn-Andersen & Sune Vork Steffensen

Open Peer Commentaries

Enaction, and Its Relation to Science in an Objective Key

Fred Cummins

Interactivity Should Aim to Extend, Not Reject, the Conceptual Foundations of Enaction

Tom Froese

What Is at Stake in the Disagreement Between Interactivity and Enaction?

Nathaniel F. Barrett

The Role of Allostasis in Sense-Making: A Better Fit for Interactivity than Cybernetic-Enactivism?

Robert Lowe

Authors’ Response: Explanatory Pluralism and Precise Conceptual Development

Matthew Isaac Harvey, Rasmus Gahrn-Andersen & Sune Vork Steffensen

Target Article – Enactivism

Sensorimotor Direct Realism: How We Enact Our World

Michael Beaton

Open Peer Commentaries

Realities in the Plural

John Stewart

Who is “We”? Some Observations on Sensorimotor Direct Realism

John Pickering

The Epistemological Dance: Difference, Experience and Representation

Hugh Gash

Representationalism and the Sensorimotor Theory

David Silverman

Phenomenal Promiscuity

John Mark Bishop

The Role of External Objects in Perceptual Experience

Bryony Pierce

How Far Can Sensorimotor Direct Realism Go?

Matteo Mossio

Author’s Response: The Personal Level in Sensorimotor Theory

Michael Beaton

Target Article – Enactivism

Perception-Action Mutuality Obviates Mental Construction

Martin Flament-Fultot, Lin Nie & Claudia Carello

Open Peer Commentaries

Perception-Action Mutuality Does Not Obviate Emergence or the Animal’s Active Role in the Perceptual Act

Dobromir Dotov

Embracing the Environment: Ecological Answers for Enactive Problems

Manuel Heras-Escribano

Enactivism and Ecological Psychology: Divided by Common Ground

Marek McGann

Enactive affordances and the interplay of biological and phenomenological subjectivity

Andrea Schiavio

Presentation of the World: Gibson and Husserl on the Interplay between the Objective and the Subjective

Konrad Werner

Radical Enactivism and Ecological Psychology: Friends or Foes?

Karim Zahidi & Jan Van Eemeren

Learning of New Percept-Action Mappings Is a Constructive Process of Goal-Directed Self-Modification

Peter Cariani

Enactivism Embraces Ecological Psychology

Mog Stapleton

Across the Uncanny Valley: The Ecological, the Enactive, and the Strangely Familiar

Ezequiel A. Di Paolo

One World, Multiple Organisms: Specificity /Autocatakinetics versus Enactivism/Autopoiesis

Tehran J. Davis & Michael T. Turvey

The Ontology of Perception: Agency, Evolution and Representationalism

Manuel de Pinedo

Authors’ Response: Complementarity of Symmetry and Asymmetry

Martin Flament-Fultot, Lin Nie & Claudia Carello

Target Article – Enactivism

Never Mind the Gap: Neurophenomenology, Radical Enactivism, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness

Michael David Kirchhoff & Daniel D. Hutto

Open Peer Commentaries

On the Too Often Overlooked Radicality of Neurophenomenology

Michel Bitbol & Elena Antonova

Not to Avoid But Legitimize: Why the Gap Could Be Natural For the Enactive World

Diana Gasparyan

The Gap Or Not The Gap: Is That The Neurophenomenological Question?

Ximena A. González-Grandón

Not-Quite-So Radical Enactivism

Dan Lloyd

Identity or Dynamic Structure?

Shaun Gallagher

Crossing the Explanatory Gap by Legwork, not by Fiat

Michael Beaton

Down the “Preferred Path”: Dispositional Flexibility Constitutes Phenomenal Character

Oliver Lukitsch & Cornell Schreiber

Missing Out On the Radicalism of Neurophenomenology?

Katsunori Miyahara

Authors’ Response: Mind Never The Gap, Redux

Michael David Kirchhoff & Daniel D. Hutto

Target Article – Enactivism

Going Beyond Theory: Constructivism and Empirical Phenomenology

Urban Kordeš

Open Peer Commentaries

In Search of a Remedy

Olga Markič

On the Necessity of Foundations, Intersubjectivity and Cognitive Science

Toma Strle

Phenomenology as Critique, Discovery, and Justification

Davood G. Gozli

Notes on the Coupling between the Observer and the Observed in Psycho-Phenomenology

Pierre Vermersch

Intersubjectivity in the Study of Experience

Hanne De Jaegher

The Many Faces of Experience

Pierre Steiner

What Kind of Epistemic Activity is Expert Introspection?

Martin Flament-Fultot

Constitution: Epistemological and Ontological

Véronique Havelange

Author’s Response: Persevering with the Non-Trivial

Urban Kordeš

Target Article – Neurophenomenology

Exploring the Depth of Dream Experience: The Enactive Framework and Methods for Neurophenomenological Research

Elizaveta Solomonova & Xin Wei Sha

Open Peer Commentaries

Blurring the Differences between the Dream, Perceptual and Hallucinatory Experiences Is Not the Answer

Juan C. González

In Search of a New Looking Glass: Cognitive Science Is Not Dead, It Is Just Asleep

Etienne B. Roesch

Dreaming: Ontological and Methodological Considerations

Michael David Kirchhoff

Dreams: An Experimental Laboratory of Phenomenology

Urban Kordeš

Enactive Consciousness and Gendlin’s Dream Analysis

Ralph D. Ellis

Neurophenomenology’s Epistemological Locus and the Need to Consider Its Primitive Sources: Internal Processing and Development

Alejandra Rosales-Lagarde

We Need to Go Deeper! Conceptual and Methodological Considerations on the Depth of Dream Experience

Jennifer M. Windt

Authors’ Response: Towards a Neurophenomenology of Embodied, Skillful Dreaming

Elizaveta Solomonova & Xin Wei Sha