Volume 11 · Number 2 · Pages 359–361
The Gap Or Not The Gap: Is That The Neurophenomenological Question?

Ximena A. González-Grandón

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Open peer commentary on the article “Never Mind the Gap: Neurophenomenology, Radical Enactivism, and the Hard Problem of Consciousness” by Michael D. Kirchhoff & Daniel D. Hutto. Upshot: Kirchhoff and Hutto argue that the metaphysical commitments of neurophenomenology, as formulated by Varela in 1996, endorse a form of non-reductionism, which assumes and does not resolve the hard problem of consciousness. Although I share Kirchhoff and Hutto’s conceptual concern, I disagree that denying the gap between the phenomenal and the physical, opting for an identity theory in a radical enactivism framework, is a promising alternative to a better understanding of human experience.


González-Grandón X. A. (2016) The gap or not the gap: Is that the neurophenomenological question? Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 359–361. http://constructivist.info/11/2/359

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