Volume 12 · Number 1 · Pages 123–125
The Scent of Wiener’s Cigar – Review of The Cybernetics Moment Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age

Marta Lenartowicz

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Upshot: Kline focuses on the aspects of American cybernetics that gave rise to the narrative of the information age and the development of its leading technologies. He primarily follows the first-order perspective, which may be disappointing for constructivists. However, the book manages to beautifully capture the vibrant, magnetic moments of early cybernetics at a time when what would become a great divide among theorists was still only a little crack. The narrative tracks the following boundary work, contributed from all sides, making the book a valuable manual on how to fail to construct a trans-disciplinary bridge.


Lenartowicz M. (2016) The scent of Wiener’s cigar – review of the cybernetics moment or why we call our age the information age. Constructivist Foundations 12(1): 123–125. https://constructivist.info/12/1/123

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