Volume 12 · Number 3 · Pages 369–372
Explaining Top-Down Minds from the Bottom Up. Review of From Bacteria to Bach and Back: The Evolution of Minds by Daniel C. Dennett, 2017.

Sven Delarivière

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Upshot: The main topic of Dennett’s book is intelligent design and the design of intelligence, trying to make intuitive the processes of both, be it the top-down process of comprehension that designs with foresight and reasons or the bottom-up process of evolution that has, through blind trial and error, captured free-floating rationales and ultimately, through co-evolution (between memes and genes), achieved top-down intelligence, flipping its original design process upside down.


Delarivière S. (2017) Explaining top-down minds from the bottom up. Review of from bacteria to bach and back: The evolution of minds by daniel c. Dennett, 2017.. Constructivist Foundations 12(3): 369–372. http://constructivist.info/12/3/369

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