Volume 13 · Number 1 · Pages 133–135
The Lackluster Role of Misperceptions in an Enactivist Paradigm

Davood G. Gozli

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Open peer commentary on the article “Missing Colors: The Enactivist Approach to Perception” by Adrián G. Palacios, María-José Escobar & Esteban Céspedes. Upshot: While the objectivist view of perception provides us with a commonsensical starting point, it quickly gives rise to unsolvable puzzles. The enactivist view, on the other hand, starts by challenging common sense, but it does not lead to the same unsolvable puzzles of the objectivist line of thought. Enactivism does not deny perceptual illusions or individual differences; it simply strips them of the status of perennial philosophical puzzles.


Gozli D. G. (2017) The lackluster role of misperceptions in an enactivist paradigm. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 133–135. http://constructivist.info/13/1/133

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