Volume 13 · Number 1 · Pages 154–159
Authors’ Response: Not Objective, Not Subjective - Something Else: Coordination of Actions

Nelson Monteiro Vaz & Luiz Antônio Botelho Andrade

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Upshot: Mpodozis and Maturana endorsed our way of seeing and enrich the debate, offering their own arguments. Stewart and Cohen criticize some points of our article. Stewart thinks that we are “watering down” Varela’s enactivism and approaching objectivism; we show why this is not what we believe. Cohen offers a long (generous) description of his own functional idea of immunological activity and we show why our positions are incommensurable; agreeing with Mpodozis’s comment, we claim that nothing is gained by ascribing cognitive properties to immunological activity.


Vaz N. M. & Andrade L. A. B. (2017) Authors’ response: Not objective, not subjective - something else: Coordination of actions. Constructivist Foundations 13(1): 154–159. http://constructivist.info/13/1/154

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