Volume 13, Number 2
March 2018

Cover Art: “New London” © Carol Nelson, 2013 · Mixed media on panel, 8 x 8 inch

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Target Article – Constructivist Approaches

Towards a Dialogue Among Constructivist Research Programs

Gastón Becerra & José Antonio Castorina

Open Peer Commentaries

Constructivisms and Ivo Kohler’s Goggles

Hugh Gash

Some Remarks on the Social Construction of Constructivism

Raf Vanderstraeten

Forms of Constructivism and Forms for Constructivism

Hugo Cadenas

From Constructivist Monologues to Dialogues and Polylogues

Theo Hug

Boundaries between and Variety within Approaches

Armin Scholl

Constructivism in Pains of Self-Analysis: A Differential Construction of a Dialogue?

Marta Lenartowicz

Non-Dualism and Self-Reference in Constructivism

Edmundo Balsemão Pires

Authors’ Response: Toward a Pluralistic and Dialogic Constructivism

Gastón Becerra & José Antonio Castorina

Target Article – Enactivism

Excavating Belief About Past Experience: Experiential Dynamics of the Reflective Act

Urban Kordeš & Ema Demšar

Open Peer Commentaries

Self-Referential and Enactive Nature of First- and Third-Person Sciences of the Mind

Toma Strle

Pristine Experience, the Feeling of Veracity, Iteration, and the Bracketing of Presuppositions

Russell T. Hurlburt

Access Conditions to Past Experience

Pierre Vermersch

Lived Experience: Past and Present

John Stewart

Concerns with the Validity and Practicality of First-Person Data: Where Do We Go from Here?

Alan McAuliffe

First-Person Science is Third Person and Vice Versa

Chris Fields

Authors’ Response: If First-Person Knowledge is Excavated, What Kind of Research Follows?

Urban Kordeš & Ema Demšar

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Applying Radical Constructivism to Machine Learning: A Pilot Study in Assistive Robotics

Markus Nowak, Claudio Castellini & Carlo Massironi

Open Peer Commentaries

A Radical Constructivist Approach to the Human-Machine Interface

William Craelius

The EMG Properties Limit Ultimate Classification Accuracy in Machine Learning for Prosthesis Control

Richard F. ff. Weir

Choosing the Right Observables

Peter Cariani

Diving Deeply into Radical Constructivism

Marco C. Bettoni

A Sociocultural Perspective for Learning Loops

Marco Guicciardi

Are Our Limbs Agents that Need to Estimate Our Intentions?

Martin Flament-Fultot

Authors’ Response: Radical Constructivism in Machine Learning: We Want More!

Markus Nowak, Claudio Castellini & Carlo Massironi

Target Article – Second-Order Cybernetics

Plasticity, Granularity and Multiple Contingency - Essentials for Conceiving an Artificial Constructivist Agent

Manfred Füllsack

Open Peer Commentaries

On Plasticity and Granularity in Artificial Life Models

Elio Tuci

New Concepts or Just Re-Wording?

Filipo Studzinski Perotto

The Folly of a Normative Account of “Constructivist Agents”

Bruce Edmonds

Plasticity Within and Across Multiple Levels

Arthur Hjorth

Three Other Challenges for Artificial Constructivist Agent from an Enactive Perspective

Pierre De Loor

Mastering the Laws of Feedback Contingencies Is Essential to Constructivist Artificial Agents

Olivier L. Georgeon & Mathieu Guillermin

Author’s Response: Granularity and Irritation, and the Irritations They Aroused

Manfred Füllsack


Selfhood Regained: From the Minimalist to the Multidimensional Self  – and Back Again. Review of Self and Other: Exploring Subjectivity, Empathy and Shame by Dan Zahavi, 2014

Timotej Prosen & Sebastjan Vörös