Volume 13, Number 3
July 2018

Cover Art: “String Theory #17” © Chris Hanson 2017 · Oil on Canvas, 48 × 36 inch

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Target Article – Second-Order Cybernetics

Heterarchical Reflexive Conversational Teaching and Learning as a Vehicle for Ethical Engineering Curriculum Design

Philip Baron

Open Peer Commentaries

How to Promote Constructivist Teaching

Hugh Gash

Curricula, Knowledge and Design in the Context of Radical Constructivist Education

Christiane M. Herr

A Constructivist Curriculum?

David Griffiths

Social Justice, Teacher Change and the Need for Case-Based Evidence

Zachary Simpson

Radical Constructivism and the Decolonisation of Epistemology

Ben Sweeting

Is the Reduction of Abstraction in the Syllabus an Appropriate Aim of Decolonisation?

Bryony Pierce

Are We Professors If No One Is Learning? Changing University Education

Robert J. Martin

Changing the Educational System: The Bigger Picture

Laurence D. Richards

Author’s Response: The University and Their Trained Educators: Future Undecided

Philip Baron

Target Article – Constructivism

Conflating Abstraction with Empirical Observation: The False Mind-Matter Dichotomy

Bernardo Kastrup

Open Peer Commentaries

Conflating the Concept with the Thing

Itay Shani

Mind Is an Abstraction

Chris Fields

Concepts, Intuitions, and Hypotheses

Sebastian Kletzl

Epistemology, Metaphysics and the Preconditions of Science

Robert Prentner

Is Speaking of Mind or Matter a Matter of Choice?

Konrad Werner

Author’s Response: Informing Metaphysical Choices with Epistemic Considerations

Bernardo Kastrup

Target Article – Embodiment

What Is a Cognizing Subject? Construction, Autonomy and Original Causation

Niall Palfreyman & Janice Miller-Young

Open Peer Commentaries

Misunderstood Circular Causation: “Who Implements Autonomy?” and “What Stabilises the Daisies?”

Inman Harvey

Further Support for the Stabilization Thesis: Circular Causality, Ecosystems Growth & Development, and Allostasis

David Vernon

A Few Pending Challenges from the Perspective of a Theory of Organisms

Maël Montévil

How Inherently Non-Autonomous Are Robots?

Robert Lowe

Enaction Demands an Ontological Light Touch with Respect to the “Subject”

Fred Cummins

Author’s Response: Toward a Reciprocally Causal-Selective Architecture

Niall Palfreyman


What Is New in Non-Dualism? Advancement and Criticism between 2013 and 2018

Stefan Weber


A Psychology of the In Between? Review of Sensorimotor Life: An Enactive Proposal by Ezequiel Di Paolo, Thomas Buhrmann, and Xabier Barandiaran

Edward Baggs

The Nonmodern Ontological Theatre. Review of The Cybernetic Brain: Sketches of Another Future by Andrew Pickering, 2010

John Wolfgang Roberts


Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Volume 13