Volume 14 · Number 1 · Pages 105–107
Sense of Ownership and Sense of Agency in First-Person-Perspective Full-Body Illusions

Felipe León

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Open peer commentary on the article “The Plasticity of the Bodily Self: Head Movements in Bodily Illusions and Their Relation to Gallagher’s Body Image and Body Schema” by Marte Roel Lesur, Michael Gaebler, Philippe Bertrand & Bigna Lenggenhager. Abstract: In my commentary, I raise some questions about the applicability of Gallagher’s distinction between body image and body schema to the experimental research reported and discussed in the target article. I suggest that the distinction between body image and body schema is of limited help in this context, and that Gallagher’s distinction between sense of ownership and sense of agency provides a more natural and fruitful theoretical framework to discuss that research.


León F. (2018) Sense of ownership and sense of agency in first-person-perspective full-body illusions. Constructivist Foundations 14(1): 105–107. http://constructivist.info/14/1/105

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