Volume 14, Number 2
March 2019

Cover Art: “Frangipani” © Caroline Ashwood · Acrylic 100x100cm

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Target Article – Neurophenomenology

An Analysis Procedure for the Micro-Phenomenological Interview

Camila Valenzuela-Moguillansky & Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati

Open Peer Commentaries

Micro-Phenomenology and Traditional Qualitative Research Methods

María Isabel Gaete Celis

Horizons of Analysis

Urban Kordeš

On The Linearity and Non-Linearity of Analysis

Terje Sparby

Problems of Categorization in Micro-Phenomenological Analysis

Jin Hyun Kim

First-Person Experiences, Privatism and the Evaluation of Structural Content

Christian Tewes

Epoché, Verbal Descriptions and Corpus Size in the Conduct and Analysis of Explicitation Interviews

Christophe D. M. Coupé & Magali Ollagnier-Beldame

Authors’ Response: Enacting the Micro-Phenomenological Method

Camila Valenzuela-Moguillansky & Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati

Target Article – First-Person Research

Meeting You for the First Time: Descriptive Categories of an Intersubjective Experience

Magali Ollagnier-Beldame & Christophe D. M. Coupé

Open Peer Commentaries

Conceptual Groundwork for the Phenomenology of First Encounters

Eli Pitcovski & Yochai Ataria

Intersubjective Categories: A More Precise Classification?

Maria Gyemant

Microphenomenology of First Encounters: A Sympathetic Critique

Ezequiel A. Di Paolo & Hanne De Jaegher

The Surprise of the Other: What about Radical Asymmetry, Surprise, Passivity and Emotions in Inter-Subjective First Encounters?

Natalie Depraz

Between You and Me

Claire Petitmengin

On the Relation between Theory and Experience, and the Intersubjective Nature of the Human Mind

Toma Strle

Authors’ Response: Focus of Interest and Epistemological Issues in the Study of First Encounters

Magali Ollagnier-Beldame & Christophe D. M. Coupé

Target Article – Neurophenomenology

Applying the Neurophenomenological Approach to the Study of Trauma: Theory and Practice

Yochai Ataria, Mooli Lahad & Omer Horovitz

Open Peer Commentaries

Back to the Subject of Pathological Experience

Jean-Luc Petit

The Constitution of a Pathological World: Phenomenology as an Experiential and Constitutive Approach

Jean-Daniel Thumser

Multiple First-Person Perspectives in PTSD

Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis

Subjective Experiences are Relational: Implications for Trauma Research and Therapy

Anna Ciaunica

Rubber Hands in the Brain - Feeling It, Moving It, Owning It

Andreas Kalckert

Authors’ Response: Whatever Works instead of All or Nothing

Yochai Ataria, Mooli Lahad & Omer Horovitz