Volume 14 · Number 2 · Pages 183–184
Intersubjective Categories: A More Precise Classification?

Maria Gyemant

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Open peer commentary on the article “Meeting You for the First Time: Descriptive Categories of an Intersubjective Experience” by Magali Ollagnier-Beldame & Christophe Coupé. Abstract: While being in total agreement with the bottom-up method used in the target article, I address three issues: the first concerns the intersubjective situation of the explicitation interview itself; the second aims to put the results in the perspective of the traditional phenomenological approaches of intersubjectivity; and the last one considers the analysis of the material, and questions the general categories that emerge from this process.


Gyemant M. (2019) Intersubjective categories: A more precise classification? Constructivist Foundations 14(2): 183–184. https://constructivist.info/14/2/183

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