Volume 15, Number 1
November 2019

Cover Art: “Paresseuse” © Sévi Cabell Maghee, 2018 · Acrylic 30 x 20 inches

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Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Constructivism and Mystical Experience

Hugh Gash

Open Peer Commentaries

Constructivism and Mystical Experience

Gerard de Zeeuw

On Mysticism and Constructive Gaps

Jerome Gellman

Constructivism and Mysticism: Beyond Epistemological Constraints

Ralph W. Hood Jr.

Mysticism and Constructivism with reference to Deconstruction and Contemporary Education

Jones Irwin

Mystifying Constructivism

Vincent Kenny

The Constructivism of Mystical Theology

Thomas McCloughlin

Modelling Realities

Michelo M. DelMonte

Mysticism, Wonder, and Cognition

Bruce B. Janz

Author’s response: Epistemological Uncertainty and Immediacy

Hugh Gash

Target Article – Second-Order Cybernetics

A Proposal for Personalised and Relational Qualitative Religious Studies Methodology

Philip Baron

Open Peer Commentaries

Moving from Religious Studies to Social Justice and Politics

Hugh Gash

Three Questions on the Relation between Religious Studies and Cybernetics

Laurence D. Richards

Reflecting and Explicating Biases in Social Research Is not a Self-Serving Enterprise but Should Lead to Reliable Knowledge

Marie-Luisa Frick

Author’s response: The Value of No Value Judgements in Religious Studies

Philip Baron

Target Article – Enactivism

Problematizing: The Lived Journey of a Group of Students Doing Mathematics

Robyn Gandell & Jean-François Maheux

Open Peer Commentaries

Mathematics as a Coordination of (Inter)Actions

Anderson Norton

Tensions in Describing Group Problematizing

David A. Reid

Living with Lived Journeys: Ethical Considerations of Teaching Mathematics

Nat Banting

Interacting with Other People’s Boundaries, Remainders, and Static Enclosures

Volkan Sevim

Problem Posing and Solving: Wayfarers Making their Way Along Problem Pathways

Victor V. Cifarelli

Problematizing as an Avatar of Mathematical Activity: Replications and Prospects

Jorge Soto-Andrade & Alexandra Yáñez-Aburto

Authors’ response: Flying Kites and the Textility of Problematizing

Jean-François Maheux & Robyn Gandell


Traditions of Systems Theory: An Observer Report. Review of Traditions of Systems Theory: Major Figures and Contemporary Developments, edited by Darrell P. Arnold

Itay Shani