Volume 15, Number 2
March 2020

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Target Article – Radical Constructivism

I Can’t Yet and Growth Mindset

Fiona Murphy & Hugh Gash

Open Peer Commentaries

Growth Mindset and Constructivism in Irish Primary Schools: Implications of a Qualitative Study

Mary Shine Thompson

A Spatial Turn for Constructivism: Concentric and Diametric Spatial Systems Framing Meaning for Exclusion and Inclusion to Challenge Failure Identity

Paul Downes

Encouraging, Strong Claims, but Scant Support

Arne Engström

Conceptual Change by Fiat?

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

Mind in Flux

Michelo M. DelMonte

An Interpretation of Bateson’s Deutero-Learning

Leslie P. Steffe

Experience and Conversation: Affordances for Influencing Change

Robert J. Martin

I Never Knew I Was Good at Maths

Dolores Corcoran

Learning Is Lifelong but Can Be Quickened with Roleplays and Immediacy

Philip Baron

Authors’ response: The Ecology of Teaching and Learning

Hugh Gash & Fiona Murphy

Target Article – Biosemiotics

A Critique of Barbieri’s Code Biology

Alexander V. Kravchenko

Open Peer Commentaries

Living and Languaging Are Self-Fabrication

Stephen John Cowley

Codes: Necessary, but not Sufficient for Meaning-Making

Kalevi Kull

The Immateriality of Meaning

Claudio Julio Rodríguez Higuera

What Do These Words Encode?

Nigel Love

From Code Biology to Cybersemiotics: Levels of Semiosis

Carlos Vidales

Levels of Interpretation of Signs

Alexei A. Sharov

On Life-Language Continuity

Elena Clare Cuffari

Reflections on Languaging

Pille Bunnell

In Defense of Biosemiotics

Peter Cariani

Author’s Response: Codes, Interpretation, Meaning: Why Language Matters

Alexander V. Kravchenko

Target Article – Non-Dualism

Why Josef Mitterer’s Non-Dualism Is Inconsistent

Stefan Weber

Open Peer Commentaries

That Which Must not, Can not Be

Michael Schorner

A Confusion with Consequences

Katharina Neges

The Critic’s Perspective: A Second-Order Critique of Stefan Weber’s Critique of Non-Dualism

Armin Scholl

How Criticizing Non-Dualism Reveals Basic Questions of Theoretical Philosophy

Christof Schalhorn

The Temporal Order in an Inconsistent Non-Dualism

Thomas Hainscho

The Non-Dualist Narrative and the Present

Christian Meierhofer

Author’s Response: Philosophy without Ontology?

Stefan Weber


Bringing Forth Languages: Enacting Humanity. Review of Linguistic Bodies: The Continuity between Life and Language by Ezequiel A. Di Paolo, Elena Clare Cuffari and Hanne De Jaegher

Melina Gastelum Vargas