Volume 15 · Number 1 · Pages 78–81
Traditions of Systems Theory: An Observer Report. Review of Traditions of Systems Theory: Major Figures and Contemporary Developments, edited by Darrell P. Arnold

Itay Shani

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Abstract: Despite some questionable decisions regarding its organization, this anthology is an interesting read and a valuable general education resource concerning the intellectual history, and subsequent evolution, of systems theory. The book details early conceptual landmarks while emphasizing latter-day developments and applications, in particular in the context of cultural studies and the socio-economical sciences. While commenting on the book’s form and content I also raise questions concerning systems theory’s standing in relation to such themes as consciousness, constructivism, and the machine metaphor.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Shani I. (2019) Traditions of systems theory: An observer report. Review of traditions of systems theory: Major figures and contemporary developments, edited by darrell p. Arnold. Constructivist Foundations 15(1): 78–81. https://constructivist.info/15/1/078

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