Volume 15 · Number 2 · Pages 159–163
Author’s Response: Codes, Interpretation, Meaning: Why Language Matters

Alexander V. Kravchenko

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Abstract: In my response, I focus on four major concepts that are at the center of discussion and traditionally evoke a lot of controversy in biosemiotics, linguistics, and cognitive science in general. Defending my radical constructivist position taken in the target article, I provide further arguments in support of my central premise that language matters in anything and everything we do as human beings, because language is our existential domain in which we happen and become what we are. To understand the nature of language is to understand the nature of humanness - not the other way around.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Kravchenko A. V. (2020) Author’s response: Codes, interpretation, meaning: Why language matters. Constructivist Foundations 15(2): 159–163. https://constructivist.info/15/2/159

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