Volume 15, Number 3
July 2020

Cover Art: “Blackbird” © Gary Coleman, 2009 · Oil on canvas 36 x 36 inches

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Target Article – Embodiment

Précis of The Philosophy of Affordances

Manuel Heras-Escribano

Open Peer Commentaries

In Favor of Impropriety

Vicente Raja & Anthony P. Chemero

Reclaiming Meaning, Reclaiming Normativity

Laura Mojica

The Intrinsic Role of Normativity: Building Umwelt with Affection

Melina Gastelum Vargas

Can Ecological Psychology Account for Human Agency and Meaningful Experience?

Roy Dings

The Emergent and Evolving Nature of Affordances in Mathematical Problem Solving

Jérôme Proulx

In Defence of a Relational Ontology of Affordances

Julian Kiverstein

What’s Wrong with Affordances?

Louise Barrett

Author’s Response: Affordances as a Basis for a Post-Cognitivist Approach to the Mind

Manuel Heras-Escribano

Target Article – First-Person Research

Visual Representation in the Wild: Empirical Phenomenological Investigation of Visual-spatial Working Memory in a Naturalistic Setting

Aleš Oblak

Open Peer Commentaries

Cleaving to the Moment, Cleaving to Experience, Bracketing Presuppositions, and the Iterative Method in the Apprehension of Pristine Inner Experience

Cody Kaneshiro & Russell T. Hurlburt

About Process and Progress - Suggestions About How to Investigate Subjective Experience Most Ecologically

Katrin Heimann

Who Constructs a Stimulus?

Urban Kordeš

How Can We Distinguish, in Experience, between an Imagined Drawing and a Memorised Motif?

Bryony Pierce

Does the Task Shape the Mind or Does the Mind Shape the Task?

Toma Strle

Modes of Participation and Modes of Inquiry

Davood G. Gozli

Author’s Response: Does Naturalistic First-Person Research Need Methodological Pluralism?

Aleš Oblak

Target Article – Constructivism

Semiosis as Eigenform and Observation as Recursive Interpretation

Diana Gasparyan

Open Peer Commentaries

Creatio Ex Nihilo, or the Emergence of Signs

Manfred Füllsack

What Lies Beyond Language?

Louis H. Kauffman

Breaking Out of the Recursive Loop with Cognitive Semiotics

Jordan Zlatev

Linguistic Semiosis and Human Cognition

Alexander V. Kravchenko

Comprehension and the Eigenform View on Language

Thomas Hainscho

On the Outside of Semiotics

Sebastian Kletzl

Author’s Response: Semiosis as a Systemic Process of Interpretation in Conditions of Indeterminacy

Diana Gasparyan


Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Volume 15