Volume 15 · Number 3 · Pages 213–216
In Favor of Impropriety

Vicente Raja & Anthony P. Chemero

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Open peer commentary on the article “Précis of The Philosophy of Affordances” by Manuel Heras-Escribano. Abstract: Heras-Escribano argues against the normative character of affordances from a framework that relies on (a) a Wittgensteinian notion of normativity and (b) the incompatibility of direct perception, as it is described in ecological psychology, and perceptual error. We argue against this position and provide a pluralistic notion of normativity that is able to accommodate the normative character of affordances.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Raja V. & Chemero A. P. (2020) In favor of impropriety. Constructivist Foundations 15(3): 213–216. https://constructivist.info/15/3/213

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