Volume 15 · Number 3 · Pages 216–218
Reclaiming Meaning, Reclaiming Normativity

Laura Mojica

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Open peer commentary on the article “Précis of The Philosophy of Affordances” by Manuel Heras-Escribano. Abstract: I dispute Heras-Escribano’s reasons for denying that affordances are normative by offering an alternative reading of Wittgenstein’s considerations in which there is room for nonsocial but public normativity, and by defending that organisms’ affordance perception and engagement cannot be completely described in causal non-normative terms.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Mojica L. (2020) Reclaiming meaning, reclaiming normativity. Constructivist Foundations 15(3): 216–218. https://constructivist.info/15/3/216

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