Volume 16 · Number 1 · Pages 032–035
Author’s Response: Sustainability, Populism, and Constructivism

Hugh Gash

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Abstract: In my response, I focus on themes that recur in the commentaries: (a) Radical constructivism’s neutrality and the need for and value of sustainability; (b) education and sustainability; (c) the relation between fast and slow learning; and (d) radical constructivism in the context of populism and fake news. I welcome the way the commentaries broaden the context of the target article, emphasising the contemporary international importance of the topic and providing examples that refine radical constructivism’s contribution to educational innovative practice.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Gash H. (2020) Author’s response: Sustainability, populism, and constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 16(1): 032–035. https://constructivist.info/16/1/032

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