Volume 16 · Number 1 · Pages 090–091
From “Observer” to “Observers”: The Multiplicity of Constructed Realities

Alexander V. Kravchenko

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Open peer commentary on the article “Construction of Irreality: An Enactive-Constructivist Stance on Counterfactuals” by Andrey S. Druzhinin. Abstract: Since an observer arises in the experiential domain of languaging, and because everything said is said by an observer, it would be misleading to refer to a single reality constructed in language. Rather, we should assume multiple realities whose construction depends on individual memories as complex dynamic systems of past perceptual experiences - this is where the target article falls short.

Handling Editor: Alexander Riegler


Kravchenko A. V. (2020) From “observer” to “observers”: The multiplicity of constructed realities. Constructivist Foundations 16(1): 090–091. https://constructivist.info/16/1/090

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