Volume 16, Number 2
March 2021

Special Issue “The Enactive Scientific Study of Experience”, edited by Camila Valenzuela-Moguillansky, Ema Demšar & Alexander Riegler

Cover Art: “After The Storm” © Linda J. Monfort 2015 · Acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 40 x 40 inches

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An Introduction to the Enactive Scientific Study of Experience

Camila Valenzuela-Moguillansky, Ema Demšar & Alexander Riegler

Target Article – Neurophenomenology

The Tangled Dialectic of Body and Consciousness: A Metaphysical Counterpart of Radical Neurophenomenology

Michel Bitbol

Open Peer Commentaries

Bitbol’s Radical Renewal of the Neurophenomenology Project

James Morley

Experiential Metaphysics and Merleau-Ponty’s Intra-Ontology

Gregory M. Nixon

Bracketing the Metaphysical Attitude

Urban Kordeš

On Becoming Metaphysical: A Relevant Challenge for Neurophenomenology?

Natalie Depraz

Can Panabstractism Offer an Alternative Approach to the Hard Problem?

Bryony Pierce

Panqualityism as a Critical Metaphysics for Neurophenomenology

Andrea Pace Giannotta

Author’s Response: Metaphysics With no Metaphysical Commitment

Michel Bitbol

Target Article – First-Person Research

Anchoring in Lived Experience as an Act of Resistance

Claire Petitmengin

Open Peer Commentaries

The Lived Body in the Age of Advanced Technology

Yochai Ataria

Yes, We are Blind to Inner Experience, but that is Not Necessarily the Origin of Ecological Disaster

Russell T. Hurlburt

Societal Change from within a Radically Transformed Mind?

Toma Strle

Renewing Experientially our Sense of Existence and Cultivating Seeds of Joy

Magali Ollagnier-Beldame

The Non-Duality that Grounds Activism in the Self-Boundaries of Embodied Experience

Ohad Nave

A Path to Poetic Space

Andreas Weber

Micro-Phenomenology as a Practice of Critical Thinking

Donata Schoeller

Author’s Response: The Experiential Tipping Point

Claire Petitmengin

Target Article – Neurophenomenology

Assessing Subjective Processes and Vulnerability in Mindfulness-based Interventions: A Mixed methods Exploratory Study

Sebastián Medeiros, Carla Crempien, Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati, Javiera Duarte, Catherine Andreu, Álvaro I. Langer, Miguel Ibaceta, Jaime R. Silva & Diego Cosmelli Sánchez

Open Peer Commentaries

What Changes in the Face of Aversive Experience following Mindfulness Practice?

Corina Aguilar-Raab

Taking Care of Emotions - from Within, from Without

Simón Guendelman & Marisa Przyrembel

The Hell of Being Who One Ordinarily Is: Is it Possible to Construct Stable Phenomenological Traits of Mood Disorders?

Aleš Oblak

Guiding Principles for Methodological Integrity and Epistemological Consistency in Mixed Methods Studies

Oussama Abdoun, Enrico Fucci & Stefano Poletti

Mindfulness, Heart Rate Variability and Self-Regulation

Wolf Mehling

Micro-phenomenological Measures and Mechanisms

Mog Stapleton

Mindfulness is Phenomenology, Phenomenology is Mindfulness

Harald Walach

Authors’ Response: The Art and Science of Befriending Inner Experience

Sebastián Medeiros, Carla Crempien, Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati, Javiera Duarte & Álvaro I. Langer