Volume 16 · Number 3 · Pages 345–346
Emotional Beliefs or Contingent Distinctions?

Krzysztof C. Matuszek

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Open peer commentary on the article “Materialism and Selection Bias: Political Psychology from a Radical Constructivist Perspective” by Björn Goldstein. Abstract: Goldstein reveals the beliefs underlying political psychology, thereby siding with the position of radical constructivism. I argue that the epistemological implications presented in the article require a different justification. It is not so much a question of emotional beliefs that can be neutralized, as it is a question of ultimately contingent distinctions.


Matuszek K. C. (2021) Emotional beliefs or contingent distinctions? Constructivist Foundations 16(3): 345–346. https://constructivist.info/16/3/345

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