Volume 17, Number 1
November 2021

Cover Art: “Reminiscence” ©  Esther Barend 2008 · Acrylics on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

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Target Article – Radical Constructivism

Euphemisms vs. Dysphemisms, or How we Construct Good and Bad Language

Andrey S. Druzhinin

Open Peer Commentaries

Which Cognitive Processes for Which Language Experiences?

Christophe D. M. Coupé

There Are More Euphemisms and Dysphemisms in Heaven and Earth Than One Might Think

Andreas Gardt

Some Good Words about Curses, and a Few Damning Ones about Bowdlerization

Sean Patrick O’Neill

Accusatives, Deixis, and Pointing Fingers

Aleš Oblak

Constructing a Constructivist View of Language

Alexander V. Kravchenko

The Distinction of “Good/Evil” and Phenomenal Consciousness

Giulio Benedetti

Meta-Communicative Interactional Dynamics and the Construction of Meaning on Screen

Tom Scholte

Author’s Response: X-phemisms and Radical Constructivism: From World-View to Whirled-Views

Andrey S. Druzhinin

Target Article – Radical Constructivism

The Construction of Autism: Between Reflective and Background Knowledge

Maciej Wodziński & Paulina Gołaska-Ciesielska

Open Peer Commentaries

Considerations for Changing Concepts Constructively

Hugh Gash

From Deficit to Difference in the Discourse on Autism and Mental Health

Miran Možina

The Hardening of the Categories

Vincent Kenny

Autism as Disordered Sense-Making

Michelle Maiese

Autism in Extreme Models of Understanding Disability

Anna Prokopiak

Making Sense of Autism or Making Sense of Individuals with Autism?

Roy Dings

Is Heidegger’s Fundamental Ontology an Antidote to Dominant Social Constructions of Autism?

Marcin Moskalewicz

Author’s Response: Constructivism Strengthens Epistemic Uncertainty - And This is Good News

Maciej Wodziński

Target Article – Theory of Autopoiesis

From Liveness to “Lifeness”: Autopoiesis and an Enactive View of Performance

Maiya Murphy

Open Peer Commentaries

The Impact of “Lifeness” in Current Theatre Experiences

Lucía Piquero Álvarez

Autopoiesis as Biological Theory and as Theoretical Metaphor

Simon Penny

Enacting the Difference between Liveness and “Lifeness” in Performance

Falk Heinrich

Orders of Autopoiesis and “Lifeness” as the Biological Spectacle of Control

Tom Scholte

Acting and Dynamic Systems

Rhonda Blair

Author’s Response: What Happens in the Spaces in Between

Maiya Murphy


Radical Constructivism in Three Dimensions

Jonas Maria Hoff