Volume 17, Number 2
March 2022

Cover Art: “Orange Theory” © Osnat Tzadok 2017 · Acrylic on Canvas · 36" × 48"

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Target Article – Neurophenomenology

Enacting the “Body” of Neurophenomenology: Off-Radar First-Person Methodologies in Pragmatics of Experiencing

Jakub Petri & Artur Gromadzki

Open Peer Commentaries

For and Against Theory: Some Notes on Doing Neurophenomenology

Aleš Oblak

How to Radicalize Neurophenomenology?

Kristian Moltke Martiny

Dissolving the Gap in Experience

Bryony Pierce

Dispelling the Fog: Disclosing the Tenacity of Our Habitual Ways of Thinking

Susan A. J. Stuart

The Need for Coherence Between Epistemology and the Practice of the Study of Experience in the Neurophenomenological Program

Alejandra Vásquez-Rosati

Enriching the Pragmatics of Neurophenomenology, Still Starting from Phenomenology

Andrea Pace Giannotta

Authors’ Response: How Open Should Open-Ended Neurophenomenology Be?

Jakub Petri & Artur Gromadzki

Target Article – Enactivism

Kaleidoscope of Pain: What and How Do You See Through It

Maja Smrdu

Open Peer Commentaries

The Experimental Phenomenological Method: A Scientific Approach Closer to the 5E Approach

David Martínez-Pernía

Can There Be a Unified 5E Theory of Pain?

Juan Diego Bogotá & Giovanna Colombetti

Relational Pain: The Perspective from the Other Side of the Lens

Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza

Variety in the Experience of Pain and Its Explanation

Philipp Schmidt

Pain as the Performative Body

Mog Stapleton

Panopticon of Pain

Vincent Kenny

Author’s Response: Meaningful Bridges

Maja Smrdu


Enactive Psychiatry or Existential Psychiatry?

Enara García

Steps Towards a Constructivist Psychiatry

Aleš Oblak

Book Author’s Response: Continuity, not Conservatism: Why We Can Be Existential and Enactive

Sanneke de Haan