Volume 17, Number 3
July 2022

Cover Art: “Without Title, 180” © Gerad Brok 2017 · Mixed media on canvas · 100 × 160 cm

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Target Article – Enactivism

Loving the Earth by Loving a Place: A Situated Approach to the Love of Nature

Laura Candiotto

Open Peer Commentaries

Breaking New Ground Through Participatory Sense-Making in Place

Hanne De Jaegher & Rika Preiser

The Virtues of Love, Love of Nature, and the Role of Participatory Sense-making

Geoffrey Dierckxsens & Lasse T. Bergmann

Loving a Place as Participatory Sense-Making?

Michelle Maiese

Autopoiesis and Ontopoetics: Investigating the Compatibility

Alan Walter Jurgens

Beyond Acting-With: Places as Agents?

Mog Stapleton

Loving Nature with Candiotto and Watsuji

Joel Krueger

Curiosity - An Emplaced Virtue to Move Science Towards the Edge?

Annika Lübbert

Nature and the Unlovable

Pilar Lopez-Cantero

Landing with the Firefly

Silvia Caprioglio Panizza

What Needs to Change for Us to Love a Place?

Ezequiel A. Di Paolo

Author’s Response: The Space In-Between

Laura Candiotto

Target Article – Enactivism

A Moving Boundary, a Plastic Core: A Contribution to the Third Wave of Extended-Mind Research

Timotej Prosen

Open Peer Commentaries

Minds Without Borders

Jelle P. Bruineberg

Why not Both (but also, Neither)? Markov Blankets and the Idea of Enactive-Extended Cognition

Juan Diego Bogotá

Representations of and by the Extended Mind

Moritz F. Kriegleder

Extended Plastic Inevitable

Maxwell J. D. Ramstead & Karl J. Friston

Plastic People and Distributed Cognitive Agency: Contribution or Compromise?

Mads Julian Dengsø & Michael David Kirchhoff

Unframing Through Externalization

Ela Praznik

The Musically Extended Mind

Izak Hudnik

Author’s Response:Reflections on Bounded Minds and Plastic Agents

Timotej Prosen

Target Article – Constructivism

A Defence of Starmaking Constructivism: The Problem of Stuff

Bin Liu

Open Peer Commentaries

Goodman, Solipsism, and Immaterialism

Jan Westerhoff

On Two Challenges to Goodman’s Constructivism

Robert Schwartz

Nelson Goodman’s Starmaking Philosophy Revisited

Curtis L. Carter

Understanding Linguistic Experiences

Sebastian Kletzl

Inductive Metaphysics and Goodman’s Starmaking Constructivism

Ansgar Seide

The “Problem of Stuff” Should Be no Concern for Constructivism

Konrad Werner

Author’s response: The Constructivist Worldview

Bin Liu


Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Volume 17