Volume 17 · Number 1 · Pages 022–024
Constructing a Constructivist View of Language

Alexander V. Kravchenko

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Open peer commentary on the article “Euphemisms vs. Dysphemisms, or How we Construct Good and Bad Language” by Andrey S. Druzhinin. Abstract: In building a constructivist view of language, the inherently experiential nature of language should not be absolutized but seen rather as depending on the overlap between the first-order and the second-order consensual domains as the sources of experience.


Kravchenko A. V. (2021) Constructing a constructivist view of language. Constructivist Foundations 17(1): 022–024. https://constructivist.info/17/1/022

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Alexander V. Kravchenko is Professor and Chair of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Baikal State University, and his research focus is on language, epistemology, and radical constructivism. He is the author of Sign, Meaning, Knowledge (2003), Biology of Cognition and Linguistic Analysis (2008), and the editor of Cognitive Dynamics in Linguistic Interactions (2012) His latest book (published in Russian) is Rediscovering Language: A New Agenda for Linguistics (2020). ▸︎ Google︎ Scholar
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