Volume 17 · Number 1 · Pages 083–086
Autopoiesis as Biological Theory and as Theoretical Metaphor

Simon Penny

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Open peer commentary on the article “From Liveness to “Lifeness”: Autopoiesis and an Enactive View of Performance” by Maiya Murphy. Abstract: I probe the extent to which a metaphorical deployment of the concept of autopoiesis has value in elucidating a notion of liveness in theater performance.


Penny S. (2021) Autopoiesis as biological theory and as theoretical metaphor. Constructivist Foundations 17(1): 083–086. https://constructivist.info/17/1/083

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Simon Penny is professor of Art, music and informatics at UCI. He is author of Making Sense: Cognition, Computing, Art, and Embodiment (2017), and an associate editor for AI and Society. In 2016, he was director of the conference “A Body of Knowledge: Embodied Cognition and the Arts.” He is co-originator and co-director of the Industrial Crafts Research Network (formed 2020) https://simonpenny.net.
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