Volume 17 · Number 1 · Pages 088–091
Orders of Autopoiesis and “Lifeness” as the Biological Spectacle of Control

Tom Scholte

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Open peer commentary on the article “From Liveness to “Lifeness”: Autopoiesis and an Enactive View of Performance” by Maiya Murphy. Abstract: Descriptions of theatre events as autopoietic are more productively grounded in Luhmann’s theory of social systems rather than in Maturana and Varela’s original biological conception. The sense of “lifeness” resonating within audiences of all styles of theatrical performance is directly correlated to the type of spectacle produced by the observed relationship between this social autopoiesis and the engagement of biologically autopoietic performers in the closed-loop control activity through which it is catalyzed.


Scholte T. (2021) Orders of autopoiesis and “lifeness” as the biological spectacle of control. Constructivist Foundations 17(1): 088–091. https://constructivist.info/17/1/088

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