Volume 17 · Number 3 · Pages 210–211
Landing with the Firefly

Silvia Caprioglio Panizza

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Open peer commentary on the article “Loving the Earth by Loving a Place: A Situated Approach to the Love of Nature” by Laura Candiotto. Abstract: I reflect on the significance of our relationships with a natural place from the perspective of animal and environmental ethics. Connecting Candiotto’s article with other environmental thinkers, I explore the importance of particularity and of problematizing anthropocentrism, and end by raising three questions about the broader application of one’s love for a particular place.


Panizza S. C. (2022) Landing with the firefly. Constructivist Foundations 17(3): 210–211. https://constructivist.info/17/3/210

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Silvia Caprioglio Panizza is Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the Centre for Ethics, University of Pardubice, and a fellow of the PEriTiA project (Horizon 2020) at UCD. She is the author of The Ethics of Attention (2022) and co-editor of The Murdochian Mind (2022) and of Simone Weil’s Venice Saved (2019) She works on meta-ethics, moral psychology, and animal and environmental ethics. Her MSCA project explores the phenomenon of moral impossibility. https://moralimpossibility.com

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