Volume 17 · Number 3 · Pages 273–275
The “Problem of Stuff” Should Be no Concern for Constructivism

Konrad Werner

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Open peer commentary on the article “A Defence of Starmaking Constructivism: The Problem of Stuff” by Bin Liu. Abstract: I first problematize the conditions under which the “problem of stuff” can function as a genuine concern for a constructivist ontology. These conditions have to do with the Cartesian ideal of “radical beginning” and the absolute foundation of knowledge, which was transplanted to contemporary (analytic) ontology/metaphysics through its concentration on language. Finally, I argue that the “problem of stuff” is not an urgent problem.


Werner K. (2022) The “problem of stuff” should be no concern for constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 17(3): 273–275. https://constructivist.info/17/3/273

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