Volume 18, Number 2
March 2023

Special Issue “Education in the 21st Century”, edited by Ronnie Videla, Tomas Veloz & Alexander Riegler

Cover Art: was created by Midjourney with the keywords «nonrepresentational, abstract, education, creativity, constructivism, cognition, enaction»

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The 4E Approach Applied to Education in the 21st Century

Ronnie Videla & Tomas Veloz

Target Article – Constructivism

Education and 4E Cognition: Some Challenges at the Crossroads of Learning and Bildung

Theo Hug

Open Peer Commentaries

4E Cognition and Education Beyond the Crossroads of Learning and Bildung

Denis Francesconi

Learning and Cultivating: Collective Experiences for an Engaged Pedagogy

Ximena González-Grandón

Designing to Transform Educational Practice: The Art of Inquiring and Exploring from STEAM

Ronnie Videla, Eduardo Ravanal, Maybritt Aros & Camilo Ibacache

Bildung and Pedagogical Tact Revisited from the Perspective of 4E Cognition Free Access

Pamela Reyes-Santander & Jorge Soto-Andrade

Exploring the Challenges at the Crossroads of Education and 4E Cognition: A Systemic, Values-Based and Global South Perspective

Claudio Aguayo

Author’s Reponse: Learning, Bildung, and Enactive Education

Theo Hug

Target Article – Embodiment

Living in Mapworld: Academia, Symbolic Abstraction, and the Shift to Online Everything

Simon Penny

Open Peer Commentaries

Digital Technologies Can Enrich, as Well as Impoverish, Embodied Interaction

Daniel Black

Optimism About Virtual Environments

Zuzanna Aleksandra Rucińska

Almost in Our Grasp: The (Slow) Digital Return of Multimodal Educational Resources

Dor Abrahamson

Reduction and Enactment with Digital Images: What Can 0s and 1s Represent?

Justin K. Dimmel

Teaching During the Pandemic: Addressing the Challenges of Online Learning

Victor V. Cifarelli

Did Embodiment Get Lost in Translation?

Amaranta Valdés-Zorrilla & Jorge Soto-Andrade

Author’s Response: Computer Commodities, Digital Interaction and Online Pedagogy

Simon Penny

Target Article – Embodiment

Coordination Dynamics of Semiotic Mediation: A Functional Dynamic Systems Perspective on Mathematics Teaching/Learning

Anna Shvarts & Dor Abrahamson

Open Peer Commentaries

Prolepsis as a Coordinating Mechanism of Semiotic Mediation

Michael Cole

Bernstein, Vygotsky and the Field of Promoted Action: Some Insights from Motor Learning

Raúl Sánchez-García

Varied Repetition in Embodied Learning of Mathematics

Alik Palatnik

Could Education in the 21st Century Embrace Fuzziness, Ambiguity, and So On?

Jean-François Maheux

Theoretical and Educational Challenges with Enactivist Approaches to Mathematical Cognition

Firat Soylu

Concepts, Material Anchors and Interactivity: A Dialectic Perspective

Michael Kimmel

Bridging the Ontological Gap?

Daniela Díaz-Rojas & Jorge Soto-Andrade

Authors’ Response: From 20th-Century Dialectics and Deconstruction to 21st-Century Transformative Monism

Anna Shvarts & Dor Abrahamson

Target Article – Enactivism

Random Walks as a Royal Road to E-STEAM in Math Education

Amaranta Valdés-Zorrilla, Daniela Díaz-Rojas, Leslie Jiménez & Jorge Soto-Andrade

Open Peer Commentaries

A Conversation about Differences

Laurinda C. Brown & David A. Reid

The Ambition of Absolute Agreement in Mathematics, and Deviations from It

Christian Hennig

Random Walks on Structures, Autopoiesis and Meta-learning

Tomas Veloz

Unraveling a Royal Road to Math Education

Roberto Araya

Is it as Simple as “E-Teaching Good” Versus “Standardised Teaching Bad”?

Alf Coles

Conscious Awareness of Body Movements in Mathematics

Paola Ramírez

Authors’ Response: Random Walks in a Land of Oxymorons and Paradoxes…

Amaranta Valdés-Zorrilla, Daniela Díaz-Rojas, Leslie Jiménez & Jorge Soto-Andrade

Target Article – 4E Cognition

Catching the Big Fish: A 4E-Cognition Approach to Creativity in STEAM Education Free Access

Ronnie Videla, Tomas Veloz & María Carolina Pino

Open Peer Commentaries

Like a Fish Out of Water, Is Creativity Caught in the Crossfire of Brain-Body-Environment Interaction?

Francisco J. Parada

Beyond the Big Fish: Embracing the Fluidity of Creativity in Embodied, Embedded, and Enacted Processes

Wendy Ross

Deconstructing Creativity

Hugh Gash

Diving Deep into the Ocean Through Skillful Problem Posing | Solving Experiences

Volkan Sevim

What Is Teaching and Why Do It This Way?

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

Authors’ Response: Becoming Makers Through Continuous Practice: Learning to Deal With the Uncertain

Ronnie Videla, Tomas Veloz & María Carolina Pino

Target Article – Theory of Autopoiesis

Autopoiesis and 4E+ Cognition in the Design of Digital Learning Affordances

Claudio Aguayo

Open Peer Commentaries

Cultural Inclusivity and Quality in the Design of Technology-Enhanced Learning Systems

Stanley Frielick

The Paradox of Autopoietic Artificial Intelligent Systems in Education Free Access

Philip Baron

Does Technology Contribute to Meaningful Learning?

Toma Strle

Author’s Response: The (Human) “Hearts” and “Minds” of Autopoietic (Digital) Learning Systems

Claudio Aguayo


A Radical Afterthought: We Know Who the Students Are, but Who Will Be the Teachers?

Alexander Riegler