Volume 18, Number 3
July 2023

Cover Art: was created by Midjourney with the keywords «Constructivist interpretation of Kandinsky’s small worlds»

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Target Article – 4E Cognition

Beyond Individual-Centred 4E Cognition: Systems Biology and Sympoiesis

Mads Julian Dengsø & Michael David Kirchhoff

Open Peer Commentaries

Cognition Is Both Relational and Centered in Individuals

Tim Elmo Feiten

Life-Mind Continuity Beyond Individual-Centeredness: The Issue of Adaptivity

Timotej Prosen

Cognitive Agency Without Individuality

Amanda Corris

Does Structural Coupling meet Sympoiesis?

Jorge Soto-Andrade

Individuals for Anti-Individualists Free Access

John Sutton

Is Sympoiesis Compatible with Phenomenology?

Carl B. Sachs

“Cartesian” Relational Cognition and Organism-Centered Cognitive Agency

Marco Facchin

Why Not Both? Interaction and the Individual in Enactivism

Nick Brancazio

Authors’ Response: The Sympoietic Roots of Adaptivity

Mads Julian Dengsø & Michael David Kirchhoff

Target Article – Constructivism

The World of Screen Creatures

Bin Liu

Open Peer Commentaries

From Pixels to First-Person Experience and Language

Thomas Hainscho

On the Ontology of Screens and Screen Creatures

Jon Robson

Screen Creatures as Subjects?

Sebastian Kletzl

Screen Worlds, Virtual Worlds, Constructed Worlds

Mark Silcox

Present or Absent Agent: From Berkeley to Mamardashvili

Diana Gasparyan

The World of Embodied Dialogic Creatures

Andrey S. Druzhinin & Tatiana A. Fomina

Idealism, Realism, and the Problem of Alterity

Andrea Pace Giannotta

Author’s Response: The Experiential World

Bin Liu


/Non-Dualism/ continued

Thomas Hainscho


Acknowledgment to Reviewers of Volume 18