Volume 18 · Number 1 · Pages 046–049
Maturana and Wittgenstein: Resisting Assimilation Together

Vincent Kenny

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Open peer commentary on the article “The Maturanian Turn: Good Prospects for the Language Sciences” by Alexander V. Kravchenko. Abstract: Comparing Maturana’s work with that of von Bertalanffy does not help to highlight Maturana’s contribution to language and linguistics. A more productive comparison is found in Wittgenstein’s approach to language, which has several important and surprising parallels with Maturana’s work, and which may help Kravchenko’s task of reconstructing linguistics.


Kenny V. (2022) Maturana and wittgenstein: Resisting assimilation together. Constructivist Foundations 18(1): 046–049. https://constructivist.info/18/1/046

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