Volume 18 · Number 1 · Pages 081–083
What Components Contribute to the Immune System?

Roger John Booth

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Open peer commentary on the article “Maturanian Observer-Dependent Immunology” by Nelson Monteiro Vaz. Abstract: As a highly interconnected set of bodily components generating behaviors that observers often interpret as defensive or protective, the immune system can also be viewed as interoceptive - sensing internal shapes within the living body of which it is a part. The activity of the immune system is also extensively affected by components of the nervous system, and this has implications for what we consider to be the boundaries of the immune system and how we understand its domain of operation.


Booth R. J. (2022) What components contribute to the immune system? Constructivist Foundations 18(1): 081–083. https://constructivist.info/18/1/081

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