Volume 18 · Number 1 · Pages 094–101
Natural Drift: A Minimal Theory with Maximal Consequences

Jorge Mpodozis

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Context: Mainstream explicative paradigms on biological evolution are currently open to discussion. Problem: As Maturana and I have previously argued, an organism-centered view of biological evolution needs to be developed. Method: I reassess the main biological phenomena from a systemic-dynamic perspective. Results: Behavior, and not genetics, is the main factor driving the course of structural changes of organisms, in both ontogeny and phylogeny. Implications: The conceptual view developed in this article should lead to a critical appraisal of the fundaments of current mainstream thinking on biological evolution. Constructivist content: The concept of natural drift explicated in this article draws on Maturana’s view on systems dynamics, historical processes, biological autonomy, recursivity, and subject-dependent reality.

Key words: Autopoiesis, epigenesis, lineages, ontogeny, phylogeny, species, natural drift, way of living.


Mpodozis J. (2022) Natural drift: A minimal theory with maximal consequences. Constructivist Foundations 18(1): 094–101. https://constructivist.info/18/1/094

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