Volume 18 · Number 1 · Pages 107–109
What is Special about Natural Drift as an Organism-Centered View of Evolution

Arantza Etxeberria & David Cortés-García

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Open peer commentary on the article “Natural Drift: A Minimal Theory with Maximal Consequences” by Jorge Mpodozis. Abstract: Jorge Mpodozis presents natural drift as an organism-centered view of biological evolution. Currently, many other research programs in biology and philosophy of biology pursue organismic perspectives in evolution. We consider some of the features appearing in the article in this light in order to highlight what is special in Mpodozis’s proposal. We contend that collaborations among research programs would be valuable and suggest that the major contribution of natural drift for organismic projects lies in its dynamic organizational features.


Etxeberria A. & Cortés-García D. (2022) What is special about natural drift as an organism-centered view of evolution. Constructivist Foundations 18(1): 107–109. https://constructivist.info/18/1/107

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