Volume 18 · Number 2 · Pages 173–177
Designing to Transform Educational Practice: The Art of Inquiring and Exploring from STEAM

Ronnie Videla, Eduardo Ravanal, Maybritt Aros & Camilo Ibacache

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Open peer commentary on the article “Education and 4E Cognition: Some Challenges at the Crossroads of Learning and Bildung” by Theo Hug. Abstract: While we empathize with Theo Hug about the contributions of Bildung to the notion of education and its potential link with the 4E approach, we do not share the reductionist argument of STEAM in the light of education in the 21st century. Following some interdisciplinary influences from design and some references from pedagogues and philosophers of education, we present some reflections and discussions on the Bildung proposal. To embody our theoretical approaches, we present the “smart geodesic dome” STEAM project design carried out by primary school students as a plant habitat.


Videla R., Ravanal E., Aros M. & Ibacache C. (2023) Designing to transform educational practice: The art of inquiring and exploring from steam. Constructivist Foundations 18(2): 173–177. https://constructivist.info/18/2/173

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