Volume 18 · Number 2 · Pages 239–242
Varied Repetition in Embodied Learning of Mathematics

Alik Palatnik

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Open peer commentary on the article “Coordination Dynamics of Semiotic Mediation: A Functional Dynamic Systems Perspective on Mathematics Teaching/Learning” by Anna Shvarts & Dor Abrahamson. Abstract: Discussing the ideas of Bernstein, Shvarts, and Abrahamson, I suggest considering the more prominent role of Bernstein’s “repetition without repetition” principle in embodied learning. A vignette from an empirical study of co-construction activity illustrates the suggestion.


Palatnik A. (2023) Varied repetition in embodied learning of mathematics. Constructivist Foundations 18(2): 239–242. https://constructivist.info/18/2/239

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