Volume 18 · Number 2 · Pages 242–244
Could Education in the 21st Century Embrace Fuzziness, Ambiguity, and So On?

Jean-François Maheux

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Open peer commentary on the article “Coordination Dynamics of Semiotic Mediation: A Functional Dynamic Systems Perspective on Mathematics Teaching/Learning” by Anna Shvarts & Dor Abrahamson. Abstract: While the target article articulates key concepts from enactivism and social perspectives very well, the framework the authors offer seems to obscure some epistemological tensions. One such tension concerns the goal of research and how the framework can contribute to education in the 21st century. The second is about the way in which the authors conceptualize the relationship between the theorizations they draw on. The third is in the adoption, at times, of a reifying perspective in contradiction with the “dynamical” approach the authors first adopt. All three can be seen as opportunities to embrace and promote fuzziness and ambiguity for 21st-century (mathematics) education.


Maheux J.-F. (2023) Could education in the 21st century embrace fuzziness, ambiguity, and so on? Constructivist Foundations 18(2): 242–244. https://constructivist.info/18/2/242

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