Volume 18 · Number 3 · Pages 365–367
Cognition Is Both Relational and Centered in Individuals

Tim Elmo Feiten

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Open peer commentary on the article “Beyond Individual-Centred 4E Cognition: Systems Biology and Sympoiesis” by Mads Julian Dengsø & Michael David Kirchhoff. Abstract: Dengsø and Kirchhoff’s inspiring proposal to drop the individual-centeredness of autopoiesis in favor of a view based on sympoiesis and developmental systems theory (DST) has two problems: (a) It is not clear that the points they raise as arguments against individual-centered 4E cognition are incompatible with those views and many of them are already included in Ezequiel Di Paolo’s account of enaction. (b) They give no clear account of how 4E cognition will account for agency as purposive behavior once it discards its current, individual-centered, accounts of it.


Feiten T. E. (2023) Cognition is both relational and centered in individuals. Constructivist Foundations 18(3): 365–367. https://constructivist.info/18/3/365

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