Volume 2, Number 2-3
March 2007

Festschrift for Ernst von Glasersfeld Celebrating His 90th Birthday, edited by Ranulph Glanville & Alexander Riegler

Cover Art: Ernst von Glasersfeld © Werner Horvath 2005, 50 x 40 cm, oil on canvas, with kind permission of the artist

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The festschrift was generously supported by the American Society of Cybernetics (ASC) and the Wiener Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Dokumentation und Methodik (WISDOM, Austria). Special thanks to Silvia Pizzocaro (Politechnico Milano, Italy) for her translation of Felice Accame’s contribution.

Editorial: Ninety Years of Constructing Free Access

Ranulph Glanville & Alexander Riegler

The Importance of Being Ernst Free Access

Ranulph Glanville

God Has Created Reality, We Create Worlds of Experience: A Speech in Honour of Ernst von Glasersfeld to Mark the Award of the Gregory Bateson Prize, Heidelberg, May

Siegfried J. Schmidt

Ernst Glasersfeld’s First Scientific Paper

Paul Braffort

Ernst von Glasersfeld and the Italian Operative School

Felice Accame

The Theoretical Environment around 1965

Renzo Beltrame

Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Contributions to the LANA Project

Duane M. Rumbaugh

The Yerkish Language: From Operational Methodology to Chimpanzee Communication

Marco C. Bettoni

Ernst to Amherst, Massachusetts

Jack Lochhead

Radical Constructivism: A Scientific Research Program

Leslie P. Steffe

The Challenge of Understanding Radical Constructivism

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

Distinguishing Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Radical Constructivism from Humberto Maturana’s ‘Radical Realism’

Vincent Kenny

The Co-Emergence of Parts and Wholes in Psychological Individuation

Bernard Scott

Epistemology Returns to Its Roots

Herbert F. J. Müller

Anyone for Tennis? Conversations with Ernst on Being Sporting about Epistemology

Vincent Kenny

To Find a Daisy in December: Impressions of Ernst von Glasersfeld and an Interview with Him about Constructivism and Education

Reinhard Voß

Concerning Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Contribution to Intellectual Freedom: One Interpretation, One Example

Marie Larochelle & Jacques Désautels

Radical Constructivism has been Viable. On the Democratization of Math Education

Ana Pasztor

The Epistemic Relativism of Radical Constructivism: Some Implications for Teaching the Natural Sciences

Andreas Quale

Viability and Crusty Snow

Theo Hug

Understanding. The Mutual Regulation of Cognition and Culture

Gebhard Rusch

Connecting Radical Constructivism to Social Transformation and Design

Laurence D. Richards

Triple-Loop Learning as Foundation for Profound Change, Individual Cultivation, and Radical Innovation: Construction Processes beyond Scientific and Rational Knowledge

Markus F. Peschl

Ernst von Glasersfeld’s Limerick

Stuart A. Umpleby