Volume 3, Number 2
March 2008

Target on Constructivism and Society

Cover Art: Untitled (stacked) © Anne Seidman 2004, 19 x 8 inches, waterbased paint on rag, mounted on wood, with kind permission of the artist

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Who Conceives of Society?

Ernst von Glasersfeld

How Radical Is Radical Constructivism? (Open Peer Commentary)

Arne Kjellman

Operative Fictions, or: How to Talk About Society (Open Peer Commentary)

Siegfried J. Schmidt

The Illusion of Society (Open Peer Commentary)

Marco C. Bettoni

Who Conceives of the Individual? (Open Peer Commentary)

Jean-Louis Le Moigne

Skeptical Mathematics? (Open Peer Commentary)

Reuben Hersh

Put Another Way… (Open Peer Commentary)

Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.

“Mathematical” Schemes as Instruments of Interaction (Open Peer Commentary)

Leslie P. Steffe

“Things That Go Bump in the Night” (Open Peer Commentary)

Vincent Kenny

The Missing Links of Radical Constructivism (Open Peer Commentary)

Karl H. Müller

Why Private Meanings Are Incoherent (Open Peer Commentary)

Peter Meyer

Is Ontology Necessary? (Open Peer Commentary)

Andreas Quale

The Personal and Social as Mutually Specifying (Open Peer Commentary)

Jonathan D. Raskin

On the Viability of Being a “Self-Orienting Subject” (Open Peer Commentary)

Leon R. Tsvasman

Does Brain Science Render Constructivism Superfluous? (Open Peer Commentary)

Niels Birbaumer

Intentions and Mirror Neurons: From the Individual to Overall Social Reality (Open Peer Commentary)

Martin V. Butz

A Mind of Many (Open Peer Commentary)

Ezequiel A. Di Paolo

Towards a Radically Social Constructivism (Open Peer Commentary)

Klaus Krippendorff

Society, Social Construction, and the Sociological Imagination (Open Peer Commentary)

Sal Restivo

Obey Society, and Note Your Resistance (Open Peer Commentary)

Dirk Baecker

Sociology, Dynamic Critical Realism, and Radical Constructivism (Open Peer Commentary)

Christian Fuchs

Who Conceives of Mind? Von Glasersfeld’s Turn to Society (Open Peer Commentary)

Kenneth Gergen

The Biological Foundations of Virtual Realities and Their Implications for Human Existence

Humberto R. Maturana

Sowing Seeds: Heinz von Foerster’s Second Order Cybernetics and Complexity. Review of: Evelyne Andreewsky & Robert Delorme (eds.) (2006) Seconde cybernétique et complexité: Rencontres avec Heinz von Foerster

Frédéric Erpicum

Disclosing Autopoeitic Subjectivity: Tracing a Path from Life to Consciousness. Review of: Evan Thompson (2007) Mind in life. Biology, phenomenology, and the sciences of mind

Kevin McGee