Volume 3 · Number 2 · Pages 117–118
Disclosing Autopoeitic Subjectivity: Tracing a Path from Life to Consciousness. Review of: Evan Thompson (2007) Mind in life. Biology, phenomenology, and the sciences of mind

Kevin McGee

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Summary: wenty years ago, philosopher Evan Thompson’s aim is to “bring the experimental sciences of life and mind into a closer and more harmonious relationship with phenomenological investigations of experience and subjectivity.” He wants to “make headway on one of the outstanding philosophical and scientific problems of our time – the so-called explanatory gap between consciousness and nature. Exactly how are consciousness and subjective experience related to the brain and body?”… In conclusion, this is a rich, complex, and valuable book in the constructivist tradition of philosophy and science – and a book deserving of extended review and discussion.


McGee K. (2008) Disclosing autopoeitic subjectivity: Tracing a path from life to consciousness. Review of: Evan thompson (2007) mind in life. Biology, phenomenology, and the sciences of mind. Constructivist Foundations 3(2): 117–118. http://constructivist.info/3/2/117

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Varela F. J., Thompson E. & Rosch E. (1991) The embodied mind: Cognitive science and human experience. MIT Press, Cambridge MA. ▸︎ Google︎ Scholar

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