Volume 3, Number 3
July 2008

Special Issue “The Non-Dualizing Philosophy of Josef Mitterer”, edited by Alexander Riegler & Stefan Weber

Cover Art: Die Erde ist eine Scheibe © Herbert Starek, Vienna 2005, pigment print, with kind permission of the artist

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The special issue was generously supported by the Wiener Institut für Sozialwissenschaftliche Dokumentation und Methodik (WISDOM, Austria).

Non-dualizing from Now On?

Alexander Riegler & Stefan Weber

Can Dichotomies Be Tamed?

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Continuing Discourses. On the References of Mitterer’s Non-dualistic Concept

Christian Meierhofer

Tertium Datur. Historical Preconditions and Ways to Mitterer’s Non-dualizing Philosophy

Peter Weibel

The Object of Description is the Description of the Object So Far: Non-dualism and Beyond

Stefan Weber

Action and Discourse. Some Thoughts Concerning a Non-dualizing Conception of Experience

Franz Ofner

The Construction of Realism

Volker Gadenne

(Radical) Constructivism – What Difference Does It Make?

Josef Mitterer

So Far – From Now On. Josef Mitterer’s Non-dualistic Critique of Radical Constructivism and Some Consequences

Siegfried J. Schmidt

Non-dualizing Philosophy and Empirical Research

Armin Scholl

Non-dualistic? Radical Constructivist?

Karl H. Müller

Notes towards Uniting Actor-Network Theory and Josef Mitterer’s Non-dualizing Philosophy

Krzysztof Abriszewski

Looking for Consistency in Avoiding Dualisms

Ewa Binczyk

The Non-dualizing Way of Speaking and the Female Subjectivity Problem

Aleksandra Derra

Does Non-dualism Imply an Approach to Power? Non-dualizing Epistemology and the Political

Mathis Danelzik

Dualism Still at Work. On Wittgenstein’s Certainty

Sven Grampp

Mitterer’s Travels

Matthias Kross

Meaning and Description in Non-dualism: A Formalization and Extension

Martin Staude

Education towards Truth. Reflecting on a Sentence of Josef Mitterer

Theo Hug

A Colorful Theory in a Black/White World. Mitterer and the Media: Parallels, Overlaps, Deviations

Roland Graf

"Walking and Falling." Language as Media Embodiment

Sibylle Moser

It, the Nameless God of Dualism. Some Remarks on St. John, the First Non-dualist, and His Renowned Follower, Josef Mitterer

Peter Strasser

The Beyond of the Theologians

Adolf Holl