Volume 4, Number 3
15 July 2009

Selected Papers from the Heinz von Foerster Congress 2007, Part 2

Cover Art: Les dix paroles, première parole: La montagne des paroles © Francis Méan 2006, Gravure 80 x 60 cm, courtesy of the artist.

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Relativism, Fascism, and the Question of Ethics in Constructivism

Ernst von Glasersfeld

Reflexivity and Eigenform: The Shape of Process

Louis H. Kauffman

Conversation: Possibilities of its Repair and Descent into Discourse and Computation

Klaus Krippendorff

Conversation, Individuals and Concepts: Some Key Concepts in Gordon Pask’s Interaction of Actors and Conversation Theories

Bernard Scott

Consciousness as Symbolic Construction: A Semiotics of Thought after Cassirer

Hans-Herbert Kögler

Are Enactivists Radical? Book Review of: Richard Menary (ed.) (2006) Radical Enactivism: Intentionality, Phenomenology and Narrative. Focus on the philosophy of Daniel D. Hutto

Dawid Lubiszewski

Breaking the Spell of Volition. Book review of: Natalie Sebanz and Wolfgang Prinz (eds.) (2006) Disorders of Volition

Przemyslaw Nowakowski

Publication Review